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The following is a messge from Ron Bassman, Executive Director of MFI and is an update to an earlier Shield Alert we distributed last week

We are writing to update a petition that was started as a joint effort by Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living (RTFCIL) and MindFreedom International (MFI)

The system of guardianship/conservatorship in place is severely lacking in oversight to address the commonplace abuses and corruption that occur.  Ironically, laws exist to protect people, but they are often ignored due the lack of adequate enforcement.  Therefore, it has become a low-risk way to generate income with little fear of consequence.

Much of the abuse occurs to people with disabilities and the elderly.  RTFCIL and MFI are asking for your support as we bring attention to one person, David Italiano, who is being deprived of his rights.  Our objective is to find and free David, and with that first success create momentum around the needed work for the restoration of the rights of the many others who have been left without a voice.

It has been nearly 2 years since RTFCIL began helping David Italiano transition from living in a nursing home to his own home into the community which he owns. A detailed summary with supporting documents on our website HERE describes how David’s efforts have been blocked and his rights, including his ability to communicate to the outside have been denied.  

David is languishing in an unknown nursing facility.  By signing this petition, you will help in two ways: one, by creating enough attention so that this is no longer a secret and requires a response, two, it will help us to begin working on the multiple guardianship abuses that anyone of us may have to confront.  For our two organizations this is the beginning of a battle we promise to fight against the too easy money attained through such abusive practices. 


More than 13,000 individuals have looked at our petition with only 837 signing onto it as of today.  In order for us to be able to find and free David, we need a massive number of people signing it.  We are perplexed and struck by the apathy.  David has requested help from us and despite our efforts we have failed to this point .The powers that be, are operating under the assumption that we cannot successfully challenge their control.  Since David has been kept hidden from us and he is not allowed to contact us or we to contact him, we are fearful of David's wellbeing.


Please sign the petition linked below and push it forward to your individual contacts and to other supportive organizations.  Your participation is very much needed and appreciated.  We will not give up!

Sign and share the Petition HERE


Ron Bassman

Executive Director

MindFreedom International




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